Solidarity in agony

In the past in Africa, there was a consensus to pass on to children the idea that money is not above human beings, that money is earned honestly, and that those who do not earn enough can count on the solidarity of others. This was what ensured individual and social balance. Today, parents no longer educate their children about this, as they themselves are no longer sure that this code still exists.

In fact, we are in a society that has no More African than The Name. It is a new society that is neither African, nor European, nor Asian. So the situation is even more serious than before, where we knew that the codes to follow were African codes. The European way of life that we have adopted is radically individualistic and systematically destroys solidarity, here as everywhere it has settled, with its corollary of systemic violence and crime that are only growing.

Solidarity is the response of men to the anguish of all life. And the Africans understood it so well that they had made solidarity the cement of their community life. The more West Africa becomes, the more it buries solidarity, moving away from itself, allowing existential fear to settle in every nook and cran asset of individual consciousness. And a human being who is led and dominated by existential fear is weak. It is left to all kinds of unhealthy practices to hope to reduce fear: prostitution, human sacrifices, corruption, and so on.

It may be said that money does not make happiness, we need a minimum to live. And when one cannot dispose of this minimum by solidarity, then it is the save-who-can. The whole society is gripped by fear because it no longer feels and cultivates solidarity. We are running into disaster, because the leaders who should give us the education and the strength to resist this trend and try to reverse it have given up their responsibility.

The frantic race for money is only the race to fill the void that the disappearance of solidarity has left. That is why, in my opinion, there is no alternative but to build new solidarity if we are to have a chance of survival as a nation and as a continent. As we are launched, we have no chance of achieving a developed, balanced and violence-free society. The machine of destruction that we have adopted is a steamroller, a ferocious devouring beast whose favorite dish is the solidarity of men.

Dr. Urban N’Dakon