Added Value

Maat-ECG is part of the logic of helping the Togolese population, the vulnerable layer to get out of precariousness.

The added value of its support and services is to provide multifaceted assistance to the population through financial support and services in many specific and diverse areas.

Through our actions, we recreate links allowing populations in difficulty of poverty, lack of roofs and others like isolation to find a dynamic of life: share experiences, find solutions to their problems together, find joy, be oneself, be free to make your own choices, dream and dare to realize your dreams, dare to project yourself again. Simply live.

Through our voice, Maat-ECG TOGO, we encourage society to change its outlook on societal well-being, we bear witness to the unacceptable situations that we encounter, we alert the public authorities to the need to act, we promote civic engagement , we offer new answers.