Who are we

Maat-ECG e.V. association was founded in November 2018 as an association under German law in Fulda. The objective of the association is to promote an Economy for the Common Good in Africa and in the African diaspora in Europe. The association pursues the Economy for the Common Good approach, which is based on the following values: human dignity – solidarity and justice – ecological sustainability – democracy and co-decision.

The Economy for the Common Good movement is a young movement created in Austria in 2010. After working as a coordinator for the Speakers Hub for Austria, Germany and Switzerland from 2015 to 2016 within the movement, Dr Urbain N’Dakon, an African activist decided to help spread the movement in Africa. His understanding is that this way of defining and practicing economics corresponds to the old African way of defining economics, which has been abandoned by Africans throughout their history, especially due to the spread of l Western capitalist economy.

The idea is that Africa must resume this old path, renew its current economic model and bring it to a new level of entrepreneurial and economic excellence, in order to emerge from the ongoing structural violence, systematically fueled by the West. capitalist system. Dr. Urbain N’Dakon therefore initiated the Maat-ECG association (called MAAT-GWÖ in German) in collaboration with other predominantly African experts to coordinate activities in all African countries, so that the movement can develop rapidly.

The word “Maat” added to the title of the association is an ancient African concept at the heart of African humanism, which is designed to mark the uniqueness of Africa within the global Winning Citizen Economy movement. Maat-ECG is the only continental association within the ECG movement. Maat-ECG is currently represented in the following African regions with a local group: Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa.

The headquarters of the association are in Fulda, Germany.